NEW generation CARIBBEAN

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Our Story

BAYGO is inspired
by the goal to redefine the Caribbean eating experience in the UK.

Born from the realisation that London was missing a fast-paced and healthy Caribbean grab & go food, BAYGO is the product of our Caribbean island heritage and urban London upbringing. Encompassing traditional and authentic values of the islands, BAYGO will bring 5 minutes of sunshine to everyone’s day, a place of good food, good vibes and a social atmosphere, whether for breakfast or lunch.

Opening in the heart of the most culturally diverse city in the world, BAYGO channels the aspirational, innovative and pioneering side of Caribbean life. With a menu boasting both world-famous staples and lesser-known, but equally delicious, alternatives, the team here at BAYGO want you to experience the real Caribbean right on your doorstep.

Vibrant, colourful and vibes-y, join the BAYGO family and start a lime with us every time you walk in.

Our Values


BAYGO will bring 5 minutes of sunshine to mealtimes, lightening the pressures of the day with our good food and good vibes. 


Lime = Caribbean term meaning to hang out with friends. Treat every customer like they are guests in your own home…. The Caribbean way!


"Vibes-y" is the Caribbean word for the joyful, upbeat characteristics of the culture, and will ensure the warmest of Caribbean welcomes for every visitor. 


We aim to re-define perceptions of Caribbean food: culture refreshed, re-imagined, reinvented.
BAYGO is born from founder Chris’ determination to open a window to the side of the Caribbean he grew up in. Innovative and pioneering, he is a self-proclaimed 'cultural entrepreneur' who brought an essence of the islands to Singapore with restaurant and bar Lime House.
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A renowned champion of Caribbean cuisine and celebrated chef, Hasan has been integral to BAYGO. He is committed to elevating the region’s cuisine across the world and his recipes serve as the foundation of the menu.
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Head of Operations
Passionate about flavoursome and beautiful food, Kate runs the operational side of BAYGO. She is motivated by Chris' ambition to make Caribbean food more accessible and believes London has been waiting for a place like this.
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Our Mission

This is Caribbean Plus. Food that is refreshed, reimagined and reinvented.

The BAYGO mission is to innovate and change the perception of what Caribbean food is and can be.

New Generation Caribbean articulates how we aim to re-define perceptions of Caribbean food, culture and people across the globe. Innovative, ambitious and inclusive, BAYGO is a window into the side of the Caribbean that often gets lost in translation over here. BAYGO, in true Caribbean style, believes in opening our arms to people from all walks of life to enjoy our hospitality, culture and infectious character.

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